Safe, Top-Quality products:

At Sen Salon we use 3-free and 5-free non-toxic natural polishes, as well as organic fragrance-free lotion, organic massage oil, organic honey/sugar foot scrub, and organic callus remover.  All of our polishes are matched with product-specific base and top coats. 

Private room:
Share your party with us!  No matter what the occasion, we offer a private room to ensure that your party receives the best personalized service.  Wedding parties / baby showers / birthdays / graduations / promotions / family reunions / etc. - we are excited to help make your special event the best that it can be!  Just call ahead to reserve your room free of charge and start planning your celebration!  Feel free to bring snacks or beverages to enjoy while our professional staff provide the pampering.

Reservations may be cancelled with 24 hours notice.  For large groups we kindly ask that you provide a credit card number in case of a no-show.  We will call to confirm the appointment before the date. 

In the event of a no-show, a $50 dollar fee will be charged to your credit card.

Thank you again for choosing our business!

Audrey Hepburn famously said, “I believe in manicures.”  At Sen, we do too!  Taking inspiration from both her words and her elegance, we roll out the red carpet with our manicure process- from a naked buff to a shiny finish, we utilize the best polishes and finest paraben-free lotions to showcase your natural beauty.  Topping it all off with a neck and upper-back massage, we’re sure you’ll agree with Audrey too.

Spa Pedicure:
Enjoy a hot herbal tea as you soak your feet in a warm jacuzzi tub.  Our massage chairs relieve the tension in your back as our nail technicians gently tend to your feet- removing calluses and trimming cuticles.  A hot towel and foot massage set the stage for the perfect polish finish of your choice.

Soak off Gel OPI:
For those looking for a long-lasting/ high-shine finish, Sen Salon carries a large collection of gel lacquer polishes for your choosing.  Gel polishes can last up to two weeks with little maintenance, and are a perfect choice for those headed out on vacation, prepping for a special event, or simply too busy to sneak into the salon more frequently.

Acrylic Service:

We all want perfect nails… but chips happen!  For mishaps, reshaping, and repairs, we provide artificial nail tip service, and are confident that our professional nail technicians can meet all your individual requirements.

Dip Powder:

The latest trend in nail fashion!  Multiple layers of fine powder are applied to create a more durable, natural looking finish.  Select from the latest color options from OPI, Chisel, and SNS. 

Child pedicure / manicure for cuties under 12 years old:
Whether celebrating a kids’ day out, or sharing a special tradition with your little one, a perfect pedicure/manicure is sure to bring the smiles.  We offer special kid packages with comfortable chairs and colorful bubble tubs to give your little one the pampering they deserve!  Finish with timeless shiny polish, or opt for flowers on tiny toes- whatever their choice, it’s a memory you’ll share for years to come.

Nothing feels better or brings more body confidence than a fresh waxing!  Sen Salon offers professional waxing services with low-pain and great results.  Whether it’s just the lower legs or a full Brazilian, we’ll make sure you walk away comfortable and confident!

Add a little flutter or go full-glamour with our eyelash extensions!  We provide new extension services as well as maintenance fills to keep you looking your best.